Darwin Weyh

Email: dcweyh@gmail.com
Phone: 586-806-9394

I'm Darwin Weyh. I offer services to those who are looking for custom software solutions or to create an web presence. With over 30 years of computer experience, I can offer you a complete knowledge of computer needs analysis, design, recommendations and implementation of turnkey solutions. I have experience in manufacturing, point of sale and database management. I have managed Windows and Linux servers as well as designed multi-platform networked systems. I have implemented websites both hosted locally and remotely.

I have experience in the following:

  • C++ programing.
  • Visual Basic.
  • Android Java Development
  • Linux and Windows system administration.
  • Linux shell programming.
  • Databases including Microsoft SQL Server and MYSQL as well as Microsoft Access and Foxpro.
  • Web servers including Apache and Microsoft IIS.
  • PHP

Current Projects